The Vision for Victoria


Restore Trust

  • Truly consult YOU when your neighbourhood is impacted
  • Community comes FIRST. No more favoured status for lobbyists and activists
  • No more wasting YOUR tax dollars on ego projects
  • TEAR DOWN barriers to information and increase transparency


Fiscal Responsibility

  • No more using YOUR home as Victoria’s ATM. No more tax increases greater than inflation
  • Full and accurate project costs must be determined BEFORE a shovel goes in the ground
  • Say goodbye to FRIVOLOUS pet-project spending
  • Seek cost SAVINGS with other municipalities


A Safe & Clean Environment

  • Direct police to focus on increasing SAFETY downtown
  • Reduce litter, cut down on hazards and CLEAN up our sidewalks and parks 


Improve Transportation Options

  • Make bike lanes SAFER for everybody
  • No expansion of bike lanes until actual CONSULTATION
  • REDUCE barriers for those with mobility needs
  • HELP downtown business by halting the war on parking


Solutions For Housing

  • Work with the province to get more affordable housing
  • Ensure neighbours and neighbourhoods have an ACTUAL say in housing
  • Benefits of a building boom must be SHARED with Victorians
  • Find SOLUTIONS for much-needed supportive housing


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