Mayoral candidate calls for Helps' immediate removal from the Police Board

Due to today's scathing Police Complaint Commissioner's report on the action of Mayor Helps and Mayor Desjardins, mayoral candidate Stephen Hammond questions how the police, Victoria's Police Board, and Victorians can have any faith in these mayors continuing to lead the Police Board.

While Police Complaint Commissioner Stan Lowe recommends that mayors be removed from disciplinary responsibility, not just in Victoria, but from all cities in the Province, Hammond believes these two mayors need to be removed immediately from chair of the Police Board. 

Lowe wrote, "A strong arguable case can be made that the mayors had predetermined the outcome of the internal discipline process from the outset, and set about navigating a course to allow the former chief to remain in his post."

Not only were Helps and Desjardins willing to lie and cover up information about sexual harassment in the police department, they also failed in their responsibility to protect women in the police department. For their own political purposes (supporting a chief they "liked"), women were put at risk. The evidence was overwhelming and they deliberately chose to ignore it. 

Hammond feels that women at the police department, police officers as a whole, and the public can no longer have confidence in these mayors. A lie is bad enough, but deliberately turning a blind eye to the protection of women is much worse. 

While Stephen Hammond is an expert and author in the field of sexual harassment and similar behaviours, he believes you don't need a law degree or credentials to see the mayors' behaviour as outrageous. "Natural justice", which we all understand, is all that is needed to condemn this action and take strong measures to ensure it doesn't happen again. 


Victoria, September 26, 2018


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