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Stephen Hammond - Lawyer. Business owner. Community leader.

Stephen Hammond’s understanding of the law, a bottom line, and his natural community leadership have given him the grassroots support to become the next mayor of Victoria.

Stephen, is a lawyer, and for the last 27 years has run his own business, Harassment Solutions Inc., keeping Canadian workplace leaders out of legal hot water. Stephen is the author of four books and other useful resources to help people communicate and collaborate in these fast-changing times. Check out what his clients think of Stephen and his work.

Stephen was first asked to run for mayor more than two years ago when his neighbourhood was literally being assaulted by the criminal elements who set up in Victoria’s dangerous tent city. Sadly, it took him and many supporters to be “mad as hell” just to get the extra police protection they were desperately pleading for…which were met with stony silence from this mayor and council. Stephen continues to stand up for his community, while always demanding our governments give much more support for vulnerable people, including those with mental illnesses, addictions or those who find themselves homeless by unfortunate circumstances.

Stephen’s volunteer community work has included Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Our Place, Amnesty International, and many other worthwhile causes found on his campaign website. You can also find out much more about Stephen here.

When he wants a break, Stephen enjoys swimming, skiing, snowshoeing, cycling and golfing. But his favourite time is spent with his dog, Willis, a “tween” sized black and tan dachshund.

Stephen came over to Victoria in 2000 where he met his partner, Jack Boomer. Now his husband for the last 11 years, Jack Boomer is well known for his volunteer work leading the Arbutus Singers Choir, now in their 21st year. The choir has raised more than $400,000 for charity in that time.

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Gary Alberts - Proven. Successful. Professional.

Gary Alberts is a successful RE/MAX realtor with an extensive professional background who will bring real-life management experience to City Council.

As an active member of his James Bay community, Gary is committed to making improvements for residents in all neighbourhoods. He believes in getting the facts, listening to both sides and making an informed decision.

In addition to his professional experience in real estate marketing, online media consulting, and consumer packaged goods sales, Gary is an active community member who volunteers with HeroWorks, Our Place and St. Andrew’s Cathedral.

Gary and his girlfriend Laurel love everything Victoria has to offer. They enjoy restaurants, theatres and walking Dallas Road with their friends and their dogs.

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Stephen Andrew - Passion. Reason. Balanced Leadership.

A well-known journalist and community leader, Stephen Andrew has the knowledge, the experience and the passion to work with others to provide good governance for a better Victoria.

Stephen Andrew is an award-winning investigative journalist, anchor and talk show host who has worked in print, radio and television across Canada. Victorians will recongize him from Shaw TV, CIVI (now CTV Vancouver Island), CFAX and CBC Radio.

Through his work as a volunteer and board member at Lifetime Networks, the organization is growing by leaps and bounds building friendship support networks and services for those with diversabilities.

At RunSport, the society best known for staging the TC10K, fellow board members, the race committee and Stephen are thrilled with the growth of the race and the positive impact event has on the health of the community and our city.

Stephen is a kidney cancer survivor who has been in clinical remission since 2011. He used his influence as a journalist to convince the BC government to become the first province to pay for a life-saving and life-extending drug for kidney cancer patients. That move led all other provinces to pay for the drug saving countless lives. He also serves as the Executive Director of a national charity that supports cancer patients.

Stephen lives in the Burnside Gorge community along with his life partner of 25 years and spouse, artist Danny Everett Stewart.

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Randie Johal - Approachable. Enthusiastic. Committed.

Randie Johal’s proven track record of building strong working relationships in a high-paced environment give her the professional experience to be an effective City Councillor.

During her 33 years of service at BC Transit, Randie held a high level of responsibility, not only for day-to-day logistics but also for managing often-delicate relationships with unions and employees. She was a member of the employers bargaining committee for two collective agreements and was considered the subject matter expert for the operations department. Randie was also a member of the union’s bargaining committee prior to taking a management role in 2011.

An active member of the community, Randie’s public service extends to being an Auxiliary Constable since 2005, Board member with the John Howard Society of Victoria since 2014, and active member of the Sikh Temple on Blackwood at Topaz Avenue.

Randie lives with her husband of 35 years.

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Andrew Reeve - Youthful. Passionate. Capable.

Andrew Reeve’s youthful energy, political know-how, and lifelong familiarity with Victoria will bring valuable perspective to City Council.

Andrew’s extensive resume of political advocacy, local volunteering, public service, and a rewarding career belies his millennial persona. Formerly the Director of Communications & Government Relations for the Trust for Sustainable Development, he now works in Communications at the BC Legislature. He is also the Chairman of Threshold Housing Society, a local organization that provides youth at risk of homelessness with transitional housing and life skills. Andrew previously served on the board of Amalgamation Yes and was a Senior Fellow at the Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee.

He ran for Victoria City Council in 2014.

Andrew Reeve holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Victoria where he studied Political Science and History.

Aside from politics and the community, Andrew is an avid writer, fan of international soccer, movie buff, and golfer.

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