Progress Report

We want to keep you informed of our progress in getting a new Victoria City Council. The committee has been working tirelessly, getting us closer to our goal of finding candidates who will run in the October 20th municipal election.

On February 20th we held our second consultation meeting. This meeting was in addition to our first meeting held in January and both were a great success. Victoria citizens gave us their constructive suggestions for the qualities they are looking for in a mayor and council. Soon, we will have a summary of those meetings, and the principles set out in these meetings will let prospective candidates know if they want to join our campaign.

To keep you up to date, here are some things we want you to know…

  1. We are working on a process for the selection of a slate of candidates. We have a full list of people who have shown an interest in running and we want the best qualified people to put forward to Victoria’s voters. If you, or someone else comes to mind, please let us know. These are important jobs.
  2. We are starting to get the word out, even before we have candidates. People are thrilled that there’s a dedicated group of people willing to bring positive change that is so desperately needed at City Hall. We’ll soon have a new website and you can find us on Facebook and Instagram by typing in
  3.  For those of you who have volunteered, we’ve been in touch with some of you and will be in touch with everyone. In fact, our new volunteers are doing just that. Stay tuned.

There are more than eight months before the election. We’re not going to rush into a process just to get anyone to run. By consulting Victoria voters, taking our time to vet the best candidates, and building not just a solid slate, but a solid, committed group of volunteers and campaigners, we feel we have a great chance of getting the kind of Victoria City leadership we want.


2 Replies to “Progress Report”

  1. It’s June is there any updates to assure us of candidates for Mayor and Council?
    I understand a coffee /tea shop on Fort St., has owner agreeing on TV to run for Council.
    I do hope we get some business owners involved to clean up Victoria and stop this on-going mess in the downtown core.

    1. Thank you Linda for contacting us. We are involved in a selection process now to find candidates for council who will reflect the needs of Victoria residents and business owners.

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