Democracies require highly capable representation

We are Victoria citizens of all ages, backgrounds and perspectives.
We want a City Council that embraces thoughtful and respectful debate.
A Council that listens
and considers the diverse interests and needs
of the electorate. A Council that makes decisions based on
objective research and clear
evidence, rather than ideology.

What We Want for Victoria:
  1. A safe, clean and inviting city for residents and visitors.
  2. A focus on Victoria’s core services.
  3. Fiscal responsibility that is respectful and spends taxpayer money as would a thoughtful trustee.
  4. Candidate and elected representative transparency and action that doesn’t cater to special interests.
  5. Decisions made based on clear objectives, broad community input, best practices and solid evidence.
  6. Trustworthy and responsive communication mechanisms that assure all Victoria citizens are heard and acknowledged.
  7. An appropriate stock of affordable housing that addresses the needs of existing neighbourhoods.
  8. Social housing that is safe, responsible and respectful of existing neighbourhoods.
  9. Fair and even enforcement of laws and by-laws.
  10. A smart and accessible transportation plan that recognizes all forms of mobility including the reality that cars are still a fundamental form of transportation.

Top 10 Attributes of a New Council or Mayoralty Approved Candidate

We have consulted Victoria citizens, and this is what they have said they need and expect in candidates and elected representatives: 

  1. Is committed to balanced representation of interests; putting Victoria’s citizens ahead of special interest groups.
  2. Has integrity in actions and is committed to transparency regarding relationships that might cause conflicts of interest.
  3. Is open to new ideas and able to think critically; demonstrated ability to listen, hear and act on what they hear from constituents.
  4. Is able to tolerate constructive criticism.
  5. Is committed to a non-partisan approach to decision making for Victoria regardless of their personal alignment with existing provincial and federal parties.
  6. Has a record of community involvement and personal contribution to improving the City of Victoria.
  7. Has sufficient financial competence to oversee and make informed decisions on behalf of the electorate.
  8. Has a strong understanding of the role of municipal government and how it relates to the roles and mandates of provincial and federal levels of government.
  9. Has broad practical experience and proven competence in major decision making on significant issues where real consequences exist.
  10. Is articulate on major issues and is electable.

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