Guiding Principles

IMG_20180311_164810Without these being set in stone (as we want significant input), here are four guiding principles we hope prospective candidates can agree to:


City Council must respect the general good and not act in concert with their personal agendas or give undue support to special interest groups.

Public safety

City Council must prioritize public safety in all decisions and this includes empowering police, bylaw and other regulatory bodies to enforce all applicable criminal, municipal and provincial laws.

Community Development

The City of Victoria has a unique look and feel. Development should reflect this uniqueness. Decisions should be made based on expert advice and a reflection of the balanced needs of the entire community that respect the hard work put into the Official Community Plan, not special interests. Historic value, green space and usability for all citizens must be prioritized.

Fiscal Responsibility

Municipal governments should focus on core services. Spending on projects outside of core services or in the jurisdiction of other levels of government should be limited. The City of Victoria needs to refocus its spending priorities and keep property tax increases under the rate of inflation. And for long term capital expenditures, it must stay on budget.

By the end of January 2018, we hope to have our first large-scale meeting, open to those looking for the same improvements to the way our city is run. We will be taking our time to find good candidates and will not feel rushed to get just “anyone.”

We encourage some people from our survey who have taken a “wait and see” approach to what we are all about, to go back to the survey to add their names to the many who have done so thus far.

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