Financial Guidelines & Promises is committed to improving the City of Victoria by replacing the current City Council in the October 2018 Municipal Election.  This group of citizens is not a Political Party and is not incorporated as a Society or registered as a Charity.  The work of this group to build a base of volunteers, promote a better Victoria, and support new candidates requires some funds to achieve its goal.  We have developed some spending and transparency guidelines as we are committed to being completely fair and transparent about the support being received and the spending to be incurred.

Fundraising Guidelines and Promises

  1. We will raise funds through crowdsourcing and donations from people who support a better Victoria.
  2. We will not accept contributions from organizations, corporations, and/or unions.
  3. We ask that only individuals who are a resident of B.C. and a Canadian citizen or permanent resident make contributions, to follow the spirit of the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act.
  4. We will not accept more than the $1,200 Local Elections Campaign Financing Act donation limits, even though we are not a Party or Candidate organization and are not bound by this legislation.
  5. All funds received will be accounted for, and the donor source will be recorded, though kept private.

Spending Guidelines and Promises

1) All funds spent will be accounted for and detailed records maintained.

2) No funds will be contributed to any Candidate’s campaign.

 3) Expenses to be covered will be:       

  • website and other software application costs;
  • Rental & other ancillary costs for large meetings;
  • Office supply costs;
  • Banking or other financial fees;
  • Advertising and promotional services and materials to promote the goal of, the endorsed candidates, and a better Victoria;
  • Any regulatory or legal costs that may arise, though none are expected.

4) Expenses shall not include ANY compensation, under any circumstances, to buy services from, pay, hire, or otherwise engage members or volunteers of

5) Any remaining unspent funds after the October 20, 2018 Municipal Election will be donated to the ‘Friends of Beacon Hill Park Society’.

Reporting Guidelines and Promises

1) A Financial Statement will be published to show Income, Expenditures, and any account balances remaining twice before the elections, as follows:

a) Transactions up to June 30, 2018; posted online on July 15, 2018;

b) Transactions up to September 30, 2018; posted online on October 15, 2018.

2) A Financial Statement will be published to show finalized Income and Expenditures and posted online on November 15, 2018.

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